bitchboughtmycookie asked: Hi! I wondered if I could prompt you something? I have developed an intense love recently for Klaine AUs were Blaine is blind, and I wondered if I could request blind!Blaine and Klaine’s first time? Thank you very much! I love your writing so much.

Thank you so much, love! 

I’ll try my best c: People speak of love at first sight like it’s a magical thing.

They say that when you see that person, you just know. They say it’s a beautiful moment, and that the few who experience it are lucky. 

Blaine never had to rely on sight to see that Kurt was the one for him. 

It had nothing to do with the fact that he couldn’t see. Just being close to Kurt made Blaine’s stomach flutter and his heart beat faster, even after a year of being with him. That feeling in itself was more than enough to reassure Blaine that this was right, this was where he wanted to be. 

It upset Blaine sometimes that he would probably never be able to see the beauty of Kurt’s face (aside from the “seeing” he does from his fingertips), or Kurt’s hands, or arms or torso or neck. But Kurt was more than just a person to Blaine. He was the light Blaine’d never had and the beauty he’d never seen.

"You guys have a really special kind of love," Burt told them once. "Y’know, the kind people spend lifetimes looking for. I’d say you’re lucky, but there’s no doubt in my mind that you two were meant to be."

Kurt’s “I love you’s” came frequently, but never decreased in sincerity. They tickled at his ears in the rustle of morning blankets and brushed against his jawline during stolen moments in school; they pushed his lips into a smile and settled, warm and content in his chest. 

Blaine still remembers the first time his hands wandered farther across Kurt’s body that they had ever gone before. It was exhilarating, learning new parts of Kurt he’d never felt before. It wasn’t spontaneous, but it wasn’t planned, either. The moment just…came. It felt right. 

Blaine remembers each and every plane and slope of Kurt’s body, and how with clumsy naivety he felt along the smooth skin and curves, and how Kurt let him take as much time as he needed to just explore. The moans Kurt made as Blaine finally, finally, ran his fingers along his hardness were intoxicating. He had wanted nothing more than to make Kurt make those sounds again. 

Blaine trusted Kurt. Trusts Kurt. And he wanted to experience sex to the fullest extent, to its very definition. 

He wanted to bottom. 

Kurt protested, of course, but Blaine was adamant about taking Kurt. And how could Kurt possibly refuse that offer? 

Kurt went slow and used probably too much lube than necessary. Every finger inserted into Blaine felt like the only thing keeping him connected to the outside world. He was breathing hard and Kurt was breathing hard, and for a despairing second Blaine wanted nothing more than to be able to see this moment happen, like everyone else did. For a heartbeat, Blaine just wanted to be normal. 

Then the present came crashing back and Kurt crooked a finger inside Blaine and hit a spot that wow, made him see stars. Kurt had made sure Blaine felt comfortable, stroking and occasionally sucking the head of Blaine’s hardness while moving his fingers to make it as pleasurable as possible. When the time finally came to replace fingers with Kurt’s erection, Blaine was absolutely writhing in anticipation. Kurt pushed in slowly, so, so slowly, and time seemed to stretch on in a sea of blackness. Kurt pushed in all the way, and Blaine was sure his heart stopped.

It was the closest he’d probably ever feel to anyone in his entire life. 

He felt full, absolutely filled to the brim in the best way possible. Kurt was everything, filling Blaine’s senses and almost overloading them with his panting and the smell of sweat mixed with a faint cologne, and his smooth fingers gripping Blaine’s hips. Blaine groped around and brought Kurt’s face down and kissed him hard and told Kurt to move, do something, I’m ready. Then, go faster, oh god please yes. 

After that, Blaine couldn’t really form coherent words. Neither could Kurt. The only sounds for a while were their mingled moans and Kurt’s occasional whisper of “you okay?”, and the sound of skin against skin. Blaine felt the pleasure building, building, so close, oh god. And then the world exploded behind Blaine’s unseeing eyes, he arched his back as he came. Kurt came with a shout almost right after, and they both came down softly. Kurt pulled out and Blaine grimaced slightly, and Kurt immediately became worried.

"Oh my god, honey, did I hurt you? Are you okay?"

Blaine laughed. “Shut up, Kurt, I’m fine. I’m more than fine actually. I’m…” Blaine gestured blankly at the space above him. “I love you.” 

Blaine felt his face being cupped by two hot palms, before a pair of lips landed on his forehead, then his nose, then each cheek before finally landing on his lips. 

"I love you too, Blaine."

And on their wedding day, Blaine couldn’t see everything around him, but he heard the chaos. The sound of rustling fabric was everywhere as a bunch of people whose voices he recognized from high school congratulated him and patted his cheeks. There was a point where it almost became too much, and he became panicked and lost. But then Kurt was there, and everything was better and still, like the world tipped back into orbit. And when the priest spoke those words with a smile in his voice (“I now pronounce you husbands. Go ahead, you may kiss the groom.”) Blaine had never been happier. Kurt was there, and that’s all that mattered. And those three words, they never lost the weight of forever they carried, even now. 

But it was the happiest “I love you” Kurt and Blaine had ever shared. 

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